What is Applied Kinesiology & Integrative Therapy?

AKIT focuses on the inter-relationships between structural alignment, muscle and tissue function, range of motion, and restrictions that contribute to pain, weakness, and neurological dysfunction in the body. When a muscle is overloaded beyond its ability to handle a stress the nervous system will deactivate it through a series of reflexes to spare soft tissue injury or tearing. AKIT protocols address the root causes of symptoms to holistically, and measurably restore health and performance for lasting results.


How does AKIT Method work?

Using a diagnostic procedure called manual muscle testing, along with other structural assessments, your AKIT Method practitioner can determine the source of muscle and tissue inhibition, and then plan a customized protocol designed to ultimately restore function, mobility and health which includes the stimulation of specific reflexes. During the course of treatment the client may undergo periodic muscle re-testing and assessments as a measurement tool to verify overall improvement.


What AKIT Method offers:

Experience for yourself that AKIT Method is one of the best manual medicines available. With regular treatment clients have experienced faster recovery, resolution of chronic long term issues, healing of old injuries, and more as the layers of dysfunction are peeled back and corrected. 

All AKIT sessions include a consultation, postural and structural analysis, muscle testing of affected areas to determine contributing factors, a custom AKIT Method protocol, retesting and closing assessment.